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Reader Benefits

I’m able to provide my followers special discounts and exclusive offers for many of these products/services. Note that while I do receive a kickback if you take advantage of these offers, I use and can recommend each and every one of them. Check the details below for more information.

American Giant

Purveyor of 100% American-made clothing. These guys make the best sweatshirt you’ve ever had a chance to try on.

Save 15% on your order with American Giant.


Award winning unlimited online backup for only $5/month. Backblaze is my de facto recommendation for backing up your data to the cloud.

Download Backblaze and receive a free 15 day trial.


If you like trying out new product, especially trendy ones, Birchbox is a great company to sign up with. Every month they send out a box with the latest and greatest trends in fashion, cosmetics, gadgets, etc.

Code School

With Code School, you can learn to code in the comfort of your own boxers, err… browser, through video tutorials, programming challenges, and screencasts.

$9 first month special at Code School.


If you’re wanting to try out Bitcoin, Coinbase is a good place to start. They’re the world’s largest Bitcoin bank (if you will), and have a great user interface with security features I’d like to see put into place by my financial institution.

Get $5 of free Bitcoin by signing up with Coinbase

Digital Ocean

These guys are awesome! Get a access to a new virtual private server in less than a minute after sign-up. Plus, there’s tutorials a-plenty to get you started on whatever you need to build. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get $10 in credit at Digital Ocean.


I’ve been with Dropbox since the first year they started and they have yet to fail me. They are the most integrated sync service out there and essential for the modern productivity enthusiast.

Receive 500 MB additional space for free when you sign up for Dropbox.

Keyboard Maestro

Whenever I get the automation itch, Keyboard Maestro is there to scratch it. For making macros, running scripts, and performing all sorts of repetitive tasks, this is the best tool out there!

Save 20% on Keyboard Maestro.


Lynda.com is a fine resource for high-quality, professionally produced
tutorials on anything from AutoCAD to Photography to Web Design. Stop
wasting your time watching amateur YouTube videos and reading half-baked blog posts.

Get 10 days of free unlimited access to Lynda.com.


Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company. Way better than GoDaddy. ‘Nough said.

Next Issue

If you subscribe to multiple magazines, Next Issue is a great way to cut down on your expenses and have easy access to them on an iPad.

Get an extended 60 day free trial of Next Issue.


Quirky is pretty cool, and well…quirky! They have come up with hundreds of ideas that, if you help influence, provide a means for beer money (or more if you’re lucky). I have earned over a grand here by simply providing my opinion throughout the product development cycle. Take a look!

Sierra Trading Post

I have found excellent deals on overstock items at Sierra Trading Post for over a decade. They have great customer service, awesome sales (be sure to sign up for their newsletter), and a wide selection of items. This is a great way to find deals on otherwise expensive outdoor equipment.

Here’s a $10 coupon to use at Sierra Trading Post, one of my favorite places to shop. Enjoy!


Comfortable shoes with a humanitarian benefit: every one that you buy provides another for someone in need.

Get $20 off your TOMS purchase.


Team Treehouse offers a great way to learn HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python and many other ways to code. More importantly, however, is that they teach you with the end goal of getting a job. Find a college that does that for less money! Highly recommended!

Free 14-day trial of Treehouse.


Help send my kids to college!

Contribute to my kid’s college fund.


Though most of us don’t have much of a choice in the cable company department, I think I have a pretty decent one. Verizon is my current provider. They did just upgrade me to 50/50 internet and free HBO, so I don’t have too much to complain about!

Sign up for Verizon and receive ~ $50 worth of My Rewards+ points when using referral code GARRE017VZi.