Personal collection of Übersicht widgets.


datelineDisplays a calendar similar to Dateline
loadDisplays the current CPU load numerically
loadbarDisplays the current CPU load in bar fashion
loadchartCharts the current and past CPU load
network-throughputNetwork up/down throughput
pingoCurrent ping rates with packet loss indicator
round-clockA very nice clock
timemachineTime Machine status

See each individual widget’s repository/folder for a more thorough description and authorship information.


With Git ≥ v1.6.5 you can use:

mkdir -p $HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht
cd $HOME/Library/Application Support/Übersicht
git clone --recursive git:// widgets

For already cloned repositories, or older Git versions, just use:

git clone git:// widgets
cd widgets
git submodule update --init --recursive

Like it?

If you have feature suggestions, please open an issue. If you have contributions, open a pull request. I’d love to expand this library as much as is possible.


The author(s) of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.