Mailbox Layouts

The files correspondence-arcs.plist and correspondence-arcs-widescreen.plist combine the Correspondence view with the Thread Arcs view. Correspondence Arcs is designed more for a taller, more narrow, view, while Correspondence Arcs (Widescreen) is designed for more for a widescreen layout. Additionally, in Correspondence Arcs I often hide the Messages sidebar and either use the Gmail shortcuts or ⌘T to access the Go to Mailbox feature.

Correspondence Arcs, with hidden sidebar
Correspondence Arcs (Widescreen)


composer.plistShortcuts for the email composition window
gmail.plistGmail style shortcuts in the main viewer window
gmail-extended.plistCustom Gmail style shortcuts in the main viewer window
trackpad-gestures.plistTrackpad gestures as outlined in the manual

These are fairly self-explanatory if you look through the plist files. They should be placed in

~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/KeyBindings

NOTE: You may need to make the KeyBindings folder if you don’t already have one. See Installation below.

Gmail Keybindings

The key bindings in gmail.plist are written to provide parity with Gmail, to the extent that is feasible in MailMate. These go beyond what has already been done with the Gmail key bindings included in MailMate. A table of feature parity may be found in the file Gmail

I have additionally included a couple of (IMHO) improvements to the standard version, which are in gmail-extended.plist:

gugo to smart mailbox, Unread
ggmove to the top of the list (Vim-style)
⇧Gmove to the bottom (Vim-style)
rreply to message and insert salutation in message
⌘⇧Fforward message as an attachment
⇧Earchive all messages in the current thread
Nselect next message for modification
Pselect previous message for modification


Mailmate user customizations are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources. If you don’t have any customizations, I’ll suggest doing this:

mkdir -p "$HOME/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources"
git clone "$HOME/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources"

To set the tags shortcut to l, type this in terminal:

defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmTagsPreferencesKeyEquivalentsColumnEnabled -bool YES

Now, relaunch MailMate and set the shortcut in the preferences pane (MailMate > Preferences… > General > Custom Key Bindings > Enable). Enable the key bindings that you want by entering them in the box below, e.g. trackpad-gestures,composer,gmail-extended.

Like it?

Add it to your toolbox; if not, open an issue! I appreciate all feedback.


I specifically want to thank Benny Kjær Nielsen for making this repository possible by producing MailMate, and for providing excellent customer support in regard to how to best make these customizations.

The author(s) of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.