This macro set does two things well:

  1. Easily export all your macros with kmexport.php.
  2. Export macro groups with images using the export macros


Creates .kmmacros files for all of the following:

  • Your entire Keyboard Maestro Collection macros/Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist
  • Each Group within your collection macros/groups/group-name.plist
  • Each Macro within your groups macros/groups/group-name/macro-name.plist

Using kmexport.php

Clone the repo:

git clone "Keyboard Maestro Macros" && cd "Keyboard Maestro Macros"

Get Composer for dependency management:

curl -s | php

Install dependencies:

php composer.phar install

Export the macros:


Exporting macros to a Markdown file with images

I wish this was built into Keyboard Maestro but here is a way to easily generate a formatted list, with images, of a macro group you wish to share with others (especially for somewhere like Github).

What you get:

  • A markdown file of the macros, with images. See • Keyboard Maestro _ Export macro for an example.
  • The entire group of macros in one kmmacros file.
  • Each individual kmmacros file.

Like it?

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If you have feature suggestions, please open an issue. If you have contributions, open a pull request. I’d love to make this project as reliable and efficent as is possible.


The author(s) of this module should be contacted via the issue tracker.