All projects can be found on this page.

Dropshare theme

Dropshare theme.

Garrett Zsh theme (for Prezto)

Opinionated Zsh prompt.

Gaussian Tools

Useful input/output tools written for Gaussian (an electronic structure program for computational chemistry).

Hazel workflows

Useful Hazel workflows.

Keyboard Maestro macros

Massive collection of opinionated and interdependant macros for Keyboard Maestro designed to thoughfully improve the OS X user experience. Best used with Scripts libarary.

MailMate Customizations

Custom MailMate layouts and keybindings.

QuickCursor for Keyboard Maestro

A redux of QuickCursor for Keyboard Maestro.


A curated collection of scripts.


Scripts for OmniFocus


Scripts for Sonos.


Scripts for iTunes.

TextExpander snippets

A curated collection of TextExpander Snippets.

Zsh module for zsh-mime-setup

Set default file associations for file suffixes using Zsh.


Nerdy fun.

√úbersicht widgets

A curated Ubersicht layout.