Otterbox finally hit the nail on the head with their Symmetry Series case (above) for the iPhone 6. This case is slim, discreet, and durable. There are no annoying water-/dust-protection flaps collecting the dust they were designed to keep out. The case has just enough grip so that won’t slide out of your pocket but not so much as to keep it there.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.

The build quality of Otterbox cases is excellent. However, one thing has always kept me from using their flagship Defender Series case: I hate the cutout to showoff the Apple logo (right).

How gaudy! This is a prime example of design before function. To me, the whole premise behind owning an Otterbox case is that the device will be protected. This design flaw leaves the back vulnerable. Is it likely to be damaged there? Doubtful, but it certainly goes against the design aesthetic inherent in the case.

With the release of the Symmetry case series, Otterbox made what I consider a move in the right direction and thus my choice of case for the next two years was made easy.

Now, where’s the iPad version?